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POS Integrated

Plenty of companies tout their point-of-sale integrations, but only PowerCard has pure integration into the most popular table-management systems including:

  • >> Aloha NCR
  • >> Breadcrumb (coming soon)
  • >> MICROS (3700, e7, Simphony)
  • >> MobileBytes
  • >> NCR Silver Pro
  • >> Focus
  • >> Future POS
  • >> POSitouch
  • >> Squirrel
Our platform connects your POS to the PowerCard Cloud, giving your POS the freedom to communicate with every facet of your marketing engine - loyalty, gift, CRM, and payments.

Do you have different POS systems at different stores? No problem. PowerCard's cloud-based engine takes a universal approach to transactions allowing you to maintain unchained from your POS. We're POS-agnostic and don't lock you in to one system - with PowerCard you have the freedom to choose what's best for your restaurant, today and tomorrow.