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Franchise Clients

PowerCard builds programs based on a franchise's needs. We understand that there are some critical pieces to a loyalty marketing plan that you need. Requirements like:

  • >> reconciliation between franchisees
  • >> store-level access for reporting and analytics
  • >> Email and SMS text marketing controls at the corporate level

Beyond your base-line requirements, the excitement begins - this is where we both shine. Your vision becomes our mission as PowerCard customizes our solutions to exceed your franchise's expectations. PowerCard understands the dynamic between franchisors and franchisees - that priorities are not always aligned but that the end goal is more customers, visiting your restaurants more often, and spreading your brand.

Three key components to exceeding these expectations are:

  • >> custom branding materials, cards, and POP
  • >> white-labeled mobile apps
  • >> specialized and customizable reporting
Ready to get started building your brand, then lets go!