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Case Study: Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen

Enrolled Cardholders: 74,421
Total Spent on Program: $30,788,830
Average Value of Cardholder: $421.92
Average Spend per Visit: $26.31
Average Reward Redeemed: $14.58
Average Spend when Redeeming a Reward:$39.89

Launched Mobile Rewards: January 25, 2012
Offer to Join: Free 10"Neapolitan Organic Pizza
Offer to Join with Facebook: 25 Bonus Points
Offer to Refer a Friend:5 Bonus Points

"As our restaurant continues to grow, we need a system that will grow with it, and as an organic restaurant, we try to support green initiatives. We have seen outstanding results with PowerCard's traditional card program over the past five years but now we are looking forward to what the organic, mobile application will enable us to do for our customers.

Efficiency is key in the restaurant industry and PowerCard truly understands that. We want to bring our customers back time after time and PowerCard has proven that it does that."

-Rick Freedman, Owner